What is The Full Form Of UNDP ? UNDP Full Form

UNDP Full Form ~ Do You know what is the full form of UNDP. If you don't know and find the full form of undp so you can now in the right place. In this artical i will be discuss about undp with full form and know meaning of undp. Many persons are don't know what is the undp, right now. But don't worry read this full artical you can understand all about the undp. So first of all we know basic knowledge about UNDP. And then full form of undp.

UNDP is a programme which is change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. It provides expert advice, training and grants support to developing countries, with increasing emphasis on assistance to the least developed countries. UNDP promotes technical and investment cooperation among nations. Now we go to know full form of undp mean UNDP Full form.

Full Form Of UNDP | UNDP Full Form

UNDP Full Form | What is undp[/caption]
The UNDP was founded on 22 November 1965 with the merger of the Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance (EPTA) and the Special Fund. UNDP Full Form is the given below.

U = United

N = Nations

D = Development

P = Programme

The Full Form of UNDP is "United Nations Development Programme" hope you understand. Now time UNDP works in many country such as india, usa etc. If you know more knowledge about The UNDP so visit the link. So now we know about working of UNDP.

Why Created UNDP Programme

The UNDP Programme is created by buy many reason. Some reasons are given below the list.
  • Work Poor For Globaly.
  • UNDP works to reduce poverty.
  • Increase Humen Development Environment and Energy.
  • UNDP focuses on reduction of HIV/AIDS, democratic governance, energy and environment, social development, and crisis prevention and recovery.

Last word : So Friend's in this artical we know what is the full form of UNDP mean Full Form Of UNDP. I Hope you can got your answer of your question if you like this post share with your friend's and always connected with us.
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